Karma Creators

We are more than a juice fast. We are a company grounded on balance. Life lived in the extreme doesn’t  work, at least not for most people and certainly not for the long haul. We know, we’ve been there!  So we wanted to create a company that would provide people with an easy, non-threatening way to give their bodies a break and get back on track. We don’t think life should be about deprivation, shame or worry. So at Karma Cleanse, we promote a lifestyle that real people. . . like you. . . like us. . .can lean into. A lifestyle that promotes balance. To help maintain that balance we formed a community. A community of health and well-being experts. We sought out the area’s best yogis, nutritionists, trainers and holistic healthcare practitioners that could provide resources, ideas, classes and support. Most are local peeps, but other’s have amazing on-line sites that will inspire, educate and keep you keeping on.

Treading lightly and caring for the earth is of utmost importance to us. We support local farmers that  adhere to sustainable/organic growing practices and take advantage of seasonal harvests whenever possible. We use glass bottles and pay it forward by offering “Karmic Coupons” for returned bottles. We followed our gut and made the difficult decision not to ship our juices or deliver door to door. Reducing our carbon footprint seemed more important. We keep it local and keep it fresh. Most of all,  we wanted to create a company that made you feel good and one we could be proud of. We hope you enjoy our products and the way they make you feel. Life is a journey, we never get it done. . . but with a little luck and green juice we just keep getting better.